Let’s Read!: Heir of Fire

I’ll admit my feelings were shredded when Chaol and Celeana went their separate ways at the end of Crown of Midnight (review forthcoming!). I didn’t really think that the rift between them was as insurmountable as they both seemed to think it was, but in the middle of Heir of Fire I finally feel like their relationship has had a reasonable end.

I wish that these things had come up at the end of the second book, but now that Chaol and Dorian have had their conversation about Chaol’s issues and how they caused all of his relationships to fall apart, I myself felt like I could now move on from this particular ship. I just wish the understanding came sooner than half way through the third book, which kind of makes it seem like the writer herself didn’t quite figure out what was wrong with their relationship until that point.

And of course, with the addition of another broody man on the horizon and his romantic potential finally starting to simmer, I can now let go of Chaol and move on to shipping Rowan with our feisty protagonist.





So this post is a bit shorter than my last “Let’s Read.” I’m still working on the format and I’ve been thinking lately that I might do shorter “Let’s Read” posts but more often throughout my reading of these particular books. Let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations for the blog, or if you have thoughts on the book!

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