Exercise Like an Assassin!

Throughout Throne of Glass there were repetitive threads. Since I’m not really one for drinking games and the book is all about physical feats, I’ve come up with a workout to do while reading the book. Enjoy the sore muscles!


Throne of Glass workout:

  • 10 squats every time Celaena is analyzing the situation and thinking about how to kill someone.
  • 20 jumping jacks any time anyone mentions how famous Celaena is.
  • 10 crunches whenever Celaena doesn’t want to talk about her scars.
  • 5 pushups every time Celaena’s love of books is brought up.
  • 5 burpees for every mention of Celaena’s inner darkness and brokenness.
  • 1 pullup when Celaena trains with Chaol.


Depending on how long your reading session is, this workout could potentially leave you feeling jelly-like. The workouts are more or less calibrated to my own fitness level, which is ok, but not great by any means.

And of course, I’m not a doctor or personal trainer so do these exercises at your own risk.

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