Review: Heir of Fire

Warning, there be SPOILERS ahead.

Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas is the third book in the Throne of Glass series. I’ve already posted some of my thoughts on it in my Let’s Read! post but this here will be more of an overall review.

I really enjoyed the beginning of this book. Celaena’s drunken stupor was an interesting turn though I was a little disappointed that after Rowan comes to get her, this is not mentioned again and no repercussions are seen. It’s not that I expected her to struggle with alcoholism, I just felt like there was more potential in this particular hook. I think mostly it was interesting to see her struggling with her decision to, as what she sees it, let Chaol die by not carrying out her “official” mission.

I liked the addition of Rowan. For one thing, I love myself a broody, tattooed man, but for another, I found it refreshing to see a man that was not immediately charmed by Celaena’s existence, though I did eventually start to ship them as their relationship evolved. One thing that I really love about Maas’s writing is that she is very adept at developing relationships. I never once felt that Rowan warming up to Celaena was rushed or contrived.

As I mentioned in my Let’s Read! post, I am finally able to let go of the relationship between Celaena and Chaol since I finally felt like there was a reasonable explanation as to why they couldn’t be together anymore. And also like I previously mentioned, I just wish that that explanation had come up at the end of the second book, rather than the middle of the third. In any case, I finally feel like I was able to move on. So as you can imagine, I totally ship Celaena with Rowan now.

And now on to the plot!

I found it refreshing that the three protagonists that we followed since the first two books were not all together for once, so the narratives were less different perspectives of the same events and more separate stories. It really made the story feel like the other protagonists, that is, Dorian and Chaol, are finally growing into their own and I really enjoyed their separate struggles.

We get introduced to a new protagonist in this third installment. Her name is Manon (which reminds me of a French teacher I had in high school who wanted to name her daughter that but didn’t because the American pronunciation isn’t as pretty as the French way) and she is one of the witches in the Blackbeak clan.

I found the immersion in the witch society really fascinating and I enjoyed the glimpses of their hierarchy and their history with other witch clans. But I will say that I did not like reading Manon’s parts of the book. This probably stems from my dislike of multiple point of view stories, but I also found the transition jarring since we have never followed her before and her story seems tangential to that of our return protagonists. I imagine that her story will become more intertwined with that of Celaena as the series goes on. I did absolutely love Abraxos though. He’s totally the best and I found myself enjoying Manon’s story more as he became more involved.

Another aspect of the main plot that I thought was well developed was the information that we are getting about how the magic disappeared from the land and the details of the king’s sinister plot.

Other than relationships, I think Maas is really good at unraveling the overarching conflict over the course of several books. I’m looking forward to reading the fourth book, Queen of Shadows, especially since I bought that one from Book Outlet and I got a signed copy!

Overall, I was satisfied with this addition to the Throne of Glass series and would give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.


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