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I started Just Book Data Things because I have a lot of thoughts on a variety of subjects but my passions tend to cool after some time. But I always have books. Sure, I sometimes have reading slumps, but I always come back to reading. With my entry into the book blogging world I also discovered booktube, a lovely community of readers and reviewers on YouTube. After seeing perhaps one too many a book haul I went out and had myself one of those.

Usually I buy only one book at a time as I read them. I guiltily set books aside to read something else. I was especially guilty of this with my Kindle, where I can instantly get a book that fits my mood. At my core I am a mood reader, which is why I want to eventually implement some sort of recommendation system or do some visuals on book data based on mood.

Anyway, after buying a few batches of physical copies of books, rather than just one at a time, I suddenly have half a whole shelf of brand new books that I have yet to read. As I mentioned before, my husband and I agreed that I wouldn’t buy any more books until I’ve finished all of the ones that I’ve just purchased. If you are interested in exactly which books those are, I have set up a whole page for the list.

I figured that I would be perfectly capable of reading a bunch of books at once, but I’m lately figuring out that I don’t want to keep trying to do that. It’s not that I have trouble keeping the stories apart or anything, it’s just that when I really like a book I tend to devour it, so it makes no sense to have several running at the same time. Plus if I’m not really enjoying a book, knowing that there’s one that I’m anxious to read motivates me to get through it. Unless I’m really hating that book, in which case I don’t finish it at all.

With this new influx of books I’m ashamed to say that I have partially started and not finished a lot of books, not at all based on how much I’m enjoying them. I’m just a magpie, attracted to the new and shiny.

The only exception to this problem is audio books. Since I wouldn’t be reading a book at the time that I listed to said book (such as my commute to work), the different circumstances allow for convenient book consumption. So audio books are here to stay.

I’ve finally decided to go back to my previous reading style – one book at a time. That way my attention can’t wander and I’ll get through more books. After having abandoned it for a while, I have returned to reading The Scottish Duke by Karen Ranney. As for my only other “read” currently, I’m listening to Heartless by Marissa Meyer.

What is your reading style like? Let me know in the comments!



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