Review: Gemina

Long time no see! So, I’m back for realsies this time and now let’s catch up on some of my reads from last year. In fact, I have not reviewed most of the books that I read last year. Including that one book that I seriously hated and completely forgot until a few days ago I read 33 books. But I have made a list and have made an effort to remember my thoughts on each book. I’ve made notes and everything, like a professional. Let’s jump in!

Gemina by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman is the sequel to my much beloved Illuminae, following the events of the first book, but this time following new characters Hanna and Nik, who live on Jump Station Heimdall, where the conspiracy that we were introduced to in the first book, continues. Beware, there be spoilers from here on out.

Gemina is just as compulsively readable as its predecessor, with lots of exciting action and great comedic moments. I was a little disappointed that we weren’t following the same characters as in the first book (though they do make a sort of cameo appearance, and one of their fathers is finally featured), but Hanna and Nik were fun and compelling in their own right.

I loved the infiltration team and the way we kept track of them with the team roster that appeared throughout the book as events unfolded. My favorite character was the leader of the infiltration team, who was the funniest character in the book by far.

The strike team is actually my favorite part of the plot as well. It was a cool way to add some excellent action and set it apart from the space ship chase of the last book. I wasn’t as much of a fan of the lanima outbreak though. It seemed a bit too similar to a side plot in Illuminae. Plus I felt bad for the cows.

As with Illuminae, I loved the format of the book, with a series of chat messages, transcription of transmissions and security footage, and more. A particularly nice touch were the illustrations in the book that came from Hanna’s journal. I thought that was a nice touch that helped to set the sequel apart from the original.

Overall I really liked Gemina and I didn’t think it too much of a copy of Illuminae (which was a popular criticism back in the day), but I didn’t like it quite as much. It didn’t make me cry (as I may have mentioned I measure book quality based on whether or not it can make me cry) like Illuminae. In any case, Gemina was a solid sequel that I highly enjoyed and I am really looking forward to reading the third book in the series, Obsidio, which by the way comes out on my birthday this year! So, you know, if you’re looking for a gift for me, you can’t go wrong with the third book in this awesome series.



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